President's Welcome Note

V. GladkovPresident of the United Consultants FDP
Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is an honor for me to welcome you on behalf of the entire team of the United Consultants FDP Group!

Our company’s history accounts for 20 years and is tightly connected with the establishment and development of economic and legal framework of Russia. We have acquired priceless experience through helping Russian companies to solve various legal financial and managerial issues.

We are very proud of taking part in some positive changes in Russian business, legislation and court practice, and we continuously put our efforts to ensure cooperation between business community, law experts and members of government authorities.

In response to the current issues of the modern business we constantly develop new directions of our activities. On the way to achieving our goals we rely on our high internal quality standards and apply creative approach to each project. Professionalism, reliability and results are three core principles that form the foundation of our company’s business.

Seeing successes of our clients allows us to believe that our mission is to increase the efficiency of Russian entrepreneurship.

I hope that your acknowledgement with United Consultants FDP will be both pleasant and productive.